It has been said many times that the whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going. We at Chanapatana International Design Institute believe in that mantra and encourage you to start expanding your future of possibilities now.Founded in 2000, CIDI Chanapatana has set sail with a strong commitment to develop Thai designer and Thai products to be one of the leaders in international arena. Hundreds of students from different parts of Thailand meet at our institute to explore various disciplines of design and pursue a common dream: to be a designer.

Our European professors, with years of experiences from both teaching in Italy and working with international-renowned design practices, understand what it takes to achieve and maintain competitive edge in the creative fields. Italian curriculum, in which hands-on learning is emphasized, is designed to equip you with skills and expertise from the beginning to advance stages. Different approach of thinking is embraced here to refine students’ own styles in order to become leading professionals in design sector. At the end of the program, final works are put into the spotlight at the annual exhibition captured by leading media to show student’s very best works to the designer society.

This year, we commemorate our 15th Anniversary and our heritage with the new building “CIDI world”. This new facility, has already been opened in 2012 and coincided with BTS line expansion to Sukhumvit 101, will be the center of our international learning atmosphere as well as proactive engagement among the professors, the students, and the alumni.

We look forward to seeing you join us, go beyond your expectation and draw your own future.


Chanapatana International Design Institute or CIDI Chanapatana was originally founded as then Chanapatana Institute on Monday 13th November 2000, in cooperation with a leading design school in Italy, by Phra Thammongkolyarn or the venerable Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo, the Lord Abbot of Dhammamongkol Temple. Throughout its existence, the institute’s leadership of being a crucial part of  developing Thailand design capability in order to compete in international arena has remained unchanged.

After contributing a great deal of meaningful works both socially and religiously, Phra Thammongkolyarn, then Phra Tepjetiyajarn realized that Thai citizens possess a wonderful potential in various disciplines and wanted to develop sufficient capabilities to contend and stand out in international arena. He once said “Thai people have both witty intelligence and handful of natural resource. Why don’t we develop ourselves to the point that we can be the leader?”

Phra Thammongkolyarn took a leap frog approach by bringing practices from the best to grow Thai capabilities. He brought a design school from Italy, the leading country of design, to establish new approaches of design education in Thailand. He believed that this approach will open opportunities for Thai citizens to study design from European professors and Italian curriculum, exactly the same academic components as that is in Italy, for less money without having to fly abroad.

This approach of bringing the whole school to Thailand was then very unique evolution of design education administration. Later other schools and institutes have followed suit.