Newly opened in March 2012 named by Phra Thammongkonlayarn , “CIDI world” building provides varieties of facilities to support students in their learning experience.

Wifi Campus

CIDI Chanapatana provided wifi internet that students can bring their notebook PC to explore the internet for researching and online communication. B&W and color printing are also available over the campus network from students’ own computers.


Sewing Studio

High-ceiling studio equipped with sewing machine and mannequins is well structured to provide ample class space for fashion design students to finish up their collections.


Computer Studio

Students can have access to continually updated  PC computers. They will be used in CAD and 3D classes. Also, the students can use them to finish up their projects at the end of semester.



Referencing and knowledge sources for design study are provided in a spacey area.


Inspirational Environment

Stuck with old ideas? Get inspired by just walking around the campus.



A big place for everyone for every occasion.


Dhammamongkol Temple

Located in the unique and charming ambience of Buddhist temple ‘Wat Dhammamongkol’, CIDI Chanapatana’s Sukhumvit 101 campus blends the tranquility of temple with the creativity of design. A number of students have been fascinated with CIDI Chanapatana atmosphere where they can intensively focus on their works.

CIDI students and staff are blended to a friendly community of Dhammamongkol Temple. You may be surprised when crowd walk in and out the pagoda during the meditation class day. Please be reserved and remain silent when you found that meditation students are doing walking meditation. You can, however, still walk in and out the pagoda during such period. Usually, there will be mediation classes from August to December and February and July during 9.00 -16.00.Since CIDI Chanapatana is located in the Dhammamongkol Temple, servers of alcohol, beers, liquor, and wine is prohibited. Please note that it is illegal to sell, provide or serve beer, wine or liquor to anyone who is under the age of 18.CIDI Chanapatana permits no smoking in its facilities. It is permissible to smoke on campus grounds outside the pagoda; smokers are asked to use urns and ashtrays provided for ash and butt disposal and to respect the rights of non-smokers at public gatherings on the grounds.

It is CIDI Chanapatana policy to discourage the use of controlled substances. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in and on CIDI Chanapatana campus.


In 1963, after more than 20 years as a forest monk, Phra Viriyang began to feel that his Buddhist studies were of benefit of only himself. Something was urging him to share what he had learned and help others whose needs were greater than his own. In fact, he had a vision that compelled to leave his woodland retreat and make the long, arduous journey to Bangkok.

On reaching the capital, he settled in a thatched hut on the flat, swampy area alongside Sukhumvit, soi 101, where his only neighbors were snakes. Traditionally, temples have been built near water as Buddhists believe that monks should always be ordained on or near water. Phra Viriyang had chosen this waterlogged spot to realize his dream and, with steady perseverance, he began to raise funds to build a temple. This, of course was long before Thailand’s economic boom and he could only expect to receive donations of 10 or 20 baht from his devotees but slowly, the temple complex began to take shape.

On March 4,1979, The Nation newspaper ran a photograph of Premier Kriangsak Chamanan handing over a casket contained five Buddha relics and strands of Buddha’s hair, a gift to Wat Dhammamongkol from the Supreme Patriach of Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, the construction work continued and, in 1985, the impressive 95-metre-high chedi or pagoda was completed to house the precious relics; a modern version of the famous Bodhgaya Chedi on the site of the Lord buddha’s enlightenment in India.

Phra Viriyang has never been content to sit back and admire his handiwork. Since the completion of the chedi, he has continued to raise funds and has built 12 more temples in Thailand, a hospital in Chiang Mai. Indeed, he has also established numerous daycare centers around the country to provide free pre-school nurseries for the poor.


Your world is now open. We’re waiting for your first step.

It has been said many times that the whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going. We at Chanapatana International Design Institute believe in that mantra and encourage you to start expanding your future of possibilities now.

Founded in 2000, CIDI Chanapatana has set sail with a strong commitment to develop Thai designer and Thai products to be one of the leaders in international arena. Hundreds of students from different parts of Thailand meet at our institute to explore various disciplines of design and pursue a common dream: to be a designer.

Our international professors, with years of experiences from both teaching in Italy and working with international-renowned design practices, understand what it takes to achieve and maintain competitive edge in the creative fields. Italian curriculum, in which hands-on learning is emphasized, is designed to equip you with skills and expertise from the beginning to advance stages. Different approach of thinking is embraced here to refine students’ own styles in order to become leading professionals in design sector. At the end of the program, final works are put into the spotlight at the annual exhibition captured by leading media to show student’s very best works to the designer society.

We look forward to seeing you join us, go beyond your expectation and draw your own future.

CIDI Chanapatana President

Professor Sakorn Suksriwong, DBA