For years, CIDI Chanapatana has developed cooperation with both educational organizations and private companies to nourish learning experience and career opportunities. CIDI Chanapatana students can be beneficial from the faculties and joint initiatives under these arrangements.

After completion of 2 years program in CIDI with a Diploma in Fashion or in Product and Interior Design, can apply for their further studies with our partner which could lead to higher degrees or Master level certificate. The admission is applied with conditions and the student should contact the International Office for more information.


Universities and institutes have reached exchange student agreements with CIDI Chanapatana in order to exchange students and staff, as well as co-operate academic and student activities.

At the moment, the CIDI students can apply to the Academic Semester Exchange to our official partnership with IED in Italy or with UDEM in Mexico, for both the majors in Fashion, Product and Interior Design. CIDI students should contact the Internation office for more information.


Professors between partner institutes are eligible to lecture short courses in exchange. This profound collaboration prospers bridging high-level design knowledge and experience around the world.


CIDI Chanapatana offers seats to students from partner institutes to study at our campus in Thailand. This will flourish learning and cultural diversity between the two institutes and will bring global perspective to Thai students


CIDI Chanapatana has partnered with public organizations to provide ranges of design expertise and promote Thai designers in international arena. Past projects include Muslim costume design project of Department of Export Promotion.


To expose CIDI Chanapatana students’ design potential to wider community, CIDI Chanapatana has developed a design competition specifically conducted in each scenario for each private company. CIDI Chanapatana students can learn and practice their skills with a real-world challenges, while companies can gain benefit from CIDI Chanapatana students’ talent.