Chanapatana International Design Institute (CIDI Chanapatana) offers you a learning environment where the elegance of international design is integrated and transferred through our Interior & Product Design (ID) and Fashion Design (FD) programs. Throughout the customized program, students will explore, research and practice myriad areas of design in international context, as well as how to bring their own creative solutions into the real world.

Programs also provide prime opportunities for students to develop creative mindset, to share and learn from one another, and to work with accomplished international faculty.


The International Diploma Programs are two-year programs conducted in English.

1.  Diploma of Interior & Product Design

2.  Diploma of Fashion Design


Intensive One-year Program is a program for experienced designers in Fashion Design or Interior and Product Design. Instead of enrolling the full two-year course, students will start their journey at the second year of the program. Unlike the two-year program, admission interview is required for candidates interested in Intensive One-year Program.

1. Anyone who has no prior knowledge of design is welcomed.

2. Two-year Italian curriculum designed to prepare students from foundation to advance stage

3. Learn and study with world class lecturers professors in friendly, enjoyable atmosphere

4. Opportunities to participate in events and competitions, nationally and internationally

5. Experience unique vision from executives and international guest speakers

6. Each year, two scholarships are provided to CIDI Chanapatana students for a further study in Italy.

Full Programs