• General Guideline

CIDI Chanapatana offers two semesters each year: September to December and January to May. Each semester is 13 weeks long.

The duration of diploma programs is two years. It requires course load of 160 hours per semester. Graduation from CIDI Chanapatana is based upon successful completion of the curriculum the student enrolled. This requires a minimum of four semesters or two years of study.

There are two class schedules provided: Weekday – Monday and Tuesday and Weekend – Saturday and Sunday. Classes are from 10.00 – 17.00 hrs with one-hour lunch break. Applicants may choose in the application to enroll in either schedule upon availability basis. They are however not able to change their class schedule without written consent from the administration office.

Students are required to attend all classes in which they are enrolled. Unauthorized absence or failure to complete assigned projects may result in a lowering of the grade and dismissal. Three or more absences may result in failure of a class. At the discretion of the institute and the instructor, turning finished projects and works may not substitute class attendance requirement. Auditing of classes is not permitted.

Grading is reported on a percentage basis, as follows:

90-100 %
80-89 %
70-79 %
60-69 %
less than 60 %

A student may be dismissed (1) any time academic progress is determined to be unsatisfactory, (2) upon committing any violation of CIDI Chanapatana’s rules and regulations or (3) as a result of any conduct that the CIDI Chanapatana’s administration reasonably deems threatening to the health, safety, or welfare of its students, staff, or faculty, or to its property, or which substantially impedes the lawful activities of other members of the CIDI Chanapatana community. Students who have been formally dismissed for academic reasons may not reapply until they have been absent from CIDI Chanapatana for at least one year following dismissal. All students dismissed will be subject to the terms of their dismissal letters. If a student receives notice of dismissal for nonacademic reasons, he or she is entitled to have the matter reviewed in accordance with CIDI Chanapatana’s policies.

  • Withdrawal

Students who wish to take one or more semester off must submit a withdrawal form by the end of the second week of each semester to avoid a grade penalty. Those who submit a completed form by the deadline must pay specified withdrawal fee and retention fee in order to maintain CIDI Chanapatana student status. Students may return from a leave of absence as long as there is space available for the semester to which they are returning by submitting a written notice 30 days prior to the first day of each semester. Returning students must apply to current year tuition fee.

Withdrawal FeeAnnual Retention Fee 5,000 baht (refundable when return)2,000 baht
  • Refund Policy

Applicants and students are eligible for tuition refund only submitting written notice of withdrawal prior to the beginning of each semester. Refunds are based on the effective date of withdrawal. The application fee, registration fee, and any advance payment are not refundable. The amount of refund is calculated from the withdrawal date as a percentage of the full tuition for the entire semester, according to the schedule below.

70%50% 16-45 days prior to the beginning of the semester15 days prior to the beginning of the semester until the first day of class
  • Late Payment
Late Payment Fee 3000 Baht
  • Payment Method

Payment of all types can be made through the following methods.

At the Administration Office:
Cash or Credit Card

Out of Office:
Applicants and students can transfer the money to the following account and fax transaction slip to 0-2741-8464 noting your name, program, and semester.

Krungthai Bank, Sukhumvit 64 Branch
Account Type : Saving
Account Number: 017-1-52416-0
Pra Viriyong Boonteekul
  • Standard of Conduct

As set forth in the Standards of Conduct contained in the Instiute Policies and Regulations published, students enrolled at CIDI Chanapatana are expected to behave in an honorable, trustworthy and orderly manner. CIDI Chanapatana reserves the right to discipline any student who acts in violation of the Standards of Conduct or any other institute rule.

1. All forms of dishonesty including cheating, plagiarism, knowingly furnishing false information to CIDI Chanapatana faculty or administrators, alterations or misuse of CIDI Chanapatana documents or records are prohibited.

2. Use of texts or works prepared by commercial or non-commercial agents and submitted by a student as his/her own work is forbidden.

3. Submission of work in one class prepared for in another class without the prior authorization of the course instructors is unacceptable.

4. Giving or receiving unauthorized assistance in any form, including the use of unauthorized aids, copying from another student’s work, soliciting and/or receiving unauthorized aid orally or in writing, giving unauthorized aid or similar actions contrary to the principles of academic honesty is interdicted.

5. Copying CIDI Chanapatana owned or licensed software or data or loading it to another computer system for personal or external non-CIDI Chanapatana use without prior written approval is not allowed.

6. The modification of CIDI Chanapatana owned or licensed software or data without prior written approval is not approved.

7. Damage or disruption to the operation of computer equipment, data communications equipment or data communications lines is forbidden.

8. The use of CIDI Chanapatana owned or licensed computers for non-educational purposes or for purposes for which they were not intended is unauthorized.

9. Theft or vandalism of any CIDI Chanapatana property or the property of any student, faculty or staff member, or the property of anyone invited or permitted to be on CIDI Chanapatana property is prohibited.

10. Actual or threatened physical or mental abuse of any person on CIDI Chanapatana premises or at any CIDI Chanapatana sponsored event off of CIDI Chanapatana premises is unacceptable.

11. Disorderly conduct is forbidden.

12. Refusal to comply with the directives of CIDI Chanapatana faculty or staff acting in the performance of their duties is not approved.

13. Violation of any CIDI Chanapatana Standard of Conduct or any other rule of the institute is not allowed.

The violation of any of the Standards of Conduct may result in discipline up to and including expulsion from the University.

  • Notice of Right to Change

CIDI Chanapatana reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue tuition, fees, academic calendar, course offerings, graduation requirements, rules, policies and procedures as it deems necessary or appropriate. Students will be provided with written notice of these changes whenever possible through means such as posted notices or the student handbook. No exceptions may be made to any of the academic or academic-related policies or procedures without prior written authorization by the president of the institute. No representation by any institute officer to the contrary may be considered authorized or binding.

  • Graduation Requirement

The awarding of diploma depends upon the recommendation of the student’s department of study. To be eligible for such recommendation, a student must meet all requirements for the diploma in accordance with the academic standard.