CIDI Chanapatana students come from uniquely diverse background with one common aim: to become a designer. While many of them are taking class and continue their jobs concurrently, they always find the time to form meaningful interactions among them and their faculty. Not only enriching CIDI Chanapatana experience, but also such constructive relationship leads to various activities ranged from Teacher Homage Day to Bye Nior Night Out to the main event like the annual thesis exhibition that demands strong teamwork and supports from all of CIDI Chanapatana students.


All students studying in the first semester has to participate in The Freshy’s Orientation Camp before studying. This activity will help you prepare for your CIDI Chanapatana experience at a location outside Bangkok. During a 3-day camp filled with activities and enjoyment, the following will be covered.

• Introduction to CIDI Chanapatana International Diploma Program
• Opportunity to meet your learning teammates
• Team building workshop
• Opportunity to network with seniors and alumni

international student _fashion


International students are warmly welcomed to study at CIDI Chanapatana. You will have a good opportunity to enhance your design capacity from our European professors among the rich and dynamic atmosphere of vibrant Bangkok. While studying here, you will directly experience Thai cultural events such as Teacher Homage Day or “Wai Kru” in Thai, Thai New Year or Songkran Festival. These impressive and meaningful Thai traditions definitely materialize your inspiration to real-life work.