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International students are warmly welcomed to study at CIDI Chanapatana. You will have a good opportunity to enhance your design capacity from our European professors among the rich and dynamic atmosphere of vibrant Bangkok. While studying here, you will directly experience Thai cultural events such as Teacher Homage Day or “Wai Kru” in Thai, Thai New Year or Songkran Festival. These impressive and meaningful Thai traditions definitely materialize your inspiration to real-life work.



Q: Is CIDI Chanapatana accept international students?

A: Yes. Several international students from all over the world enroll into CIDI Chanapatana classes every single year. Our international courses are designed to polish design skills of students from any background and to teach how students can use their unique culture to empower their design.

Q: What courses can international students enroll?

A: International students can enroll into both of our renowned two-year Diploma Program: Diploma of Fashion Design and Diploma of Interior&Product Design. []
In addition, international students can also enroll into any short courses CIDI Chanapatana offers. []

Q: What would be admission process for international students?

A: The admission process would be similar to the process of local students. You may find more details in admission section of the website. []
The only different matter is international students need to go through VISA application process and have the VISA ready before the class start.


If you are interested in studying with us, please contact us.