Thank you for your interest in CIDI Chanapatana Open House 2019

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reasons to join

open house

What will I get from Open House?

The CIDI Chanapatana Open House is held to welcome all guests who are interested in exploring the world of Fashion Design and Interior and Product Design. On this day, you will find out more details about our institute, program, students’ work, and alumni. A special promotion is also available ONLY at the Open House. Do not miss it!

Who should join Open House?

✔ Anyone who has a passion for design
✔ Anyone who needs creativity in design to develop a business
✔ Anyone who has a dream to be a great designer
✔ Anyone who is looking for professional education and career development
✔ Anyone who likes to have fun studying for new knowledge, new friends and colleagues, and new challenges
Explore with us!

Why should I join Open House?

At Open House, we will show you student’s benefits including:
✔ No background required
✔ Italian curriculum with international teachers from Spain, Italy, Japan, USA
✔ Option to choose Mon – Tue or Sat – Sun class
✔ International exposure with exchange and top – up degree programs
Do not hesitate to join us!

How can I join?

Complete the online registration form and select the date to meet us. Open House is FREE and full of promotions that you must not miss. Our seats are limited.

Fashion Design

This program is suitable for students who have passion in Fashion design. CIDI Chanapatana provides you from basic drawings to tailoring the clothes

Interior and Product Design

Students will be trained from the fundamental aspects to more advanced processes required to create the real works