Viriyapatana Scholarship

Around Feb – Mar of every year

To provide opportunities in design education to those who have financial need, CIDI Chanapatana annually offers the “Viriyapatana Scholarship” which is fully supported by the Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo Foundation. The scholarship covers full tuition fees. It is open to all Thai candidates who have passion in fashion design and interior and product design.
The key criteria for candidate selection include: an indication of financial shortage, high potential in design, leadership, responsibility and teamwork.

International Scholarship

2nd semester of second year class

To elevate the capability of Thai designers to compete in the international market, CIDI Chanapatana annually offers 2 international scholarships each year that are fully supported by Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo Foundation.
The scholarships are provided to students who wish to further study in the international design schools. Successful candidates must enroll in the international programs that have partnership agreements (MOU’s) with CIDI Chanapatana or other programs subject to our approval. The scholarships cover a range of full tuition fees, airfare and cost of living for one academic year. However, the international programs normally take nine months to complete. Accordingly, the scholarship funds are directly transferred to the institute designated by CIDI Chanapatana.
Key criteria for candidate selection include: demonstrated skills in design and excellences in academic achievement, leadership, potential in teaching, and a high level of responsibility. Successful candidates are required to work for CIDI Chanapatana as a specified number of hours during their time with the institution.

Student Exchange Program

Students can apply for an exchange program with our partnership institutions, listed below:
• IED Institute Europeo di Design, Italy
• University of Monterrey, Mexico
• Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia
• National Institute of Fine Art & Design Named after Kamoliddin Behzad, Uzbekistan
• National Institute of Design, India
• University of Ulsan, Korea
• University for the Creative Arts, United Kingdom

For more information regarding the Exchange Program, please contact the International Office of CIDI Chanapatana